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Accept's Isabelle's invitation to create a happy and healthy relationship with yourself, your body and food. Watch the first 3 videos of Isabelle's R.E.C.O.V.E.R. video course for free. 


The video program includes:

50 videos

The 7 steps of the R.E.C.O.V.E.R. video course (online) contains 50 motivational and inspirational training videos. 


The R.E.C.O.V.E.R. workbook contains amazing exercises which will help you to get to know the true essence of yourself.

Facebook community

Meet like minded people, motivate eachother and share your R.E.C.O.V.E.R. experience in our Facebook community.


Each step in the R.E.C.O.V.E.R. System includes 6 videos & exercises, stories of clients who recovered, visualization and guided meditation. Isabelle will also share many personal stories and will inspire you to make the breakthrough you are waiting for. 

The program also includes;
+ Bonus videos
+ Workbook
+ Coach session *

* Personal coach sessions, with a coach of ISA Power, can be booked when you are in need of personal help.


Are you unhappy or unsatisfied with your body? Perhaps you are you an emotional eater (or binge eater)? Maybe you are dieting constantly (or anorectic)? Or perhaps you are compensating by sporting (too much) or with pills (or bulimic)? Surely you tried several diets, maybe you tried dieting pills, subscribed for work-out programs, drank shakes and ate special bars. And even though you lost weight, still you weren't happy. I know what you are feeling, I've been there myself.

I will be honored to show you:

✓  The simplest way to get started creating the life you want 
✓  How to face challenges and set boundaries for yourself
✓  Become connected to the true essence of your inner self
✓  How to break through the barrier that blocks most people 
✓  Learn how to overcome depression and anxiety quickly
✓  The fastest way to quiet the noise of your busy life 
✓  How to get back on track when negative thoughts intrude

Don't wait anylonger!

Your life is now. Change can be scary, but continuing living with all your potential unused is even scarier. So let's work on your goals. And let me help you create a happy and healthy relationship with yourself, your body and food too.  


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